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Ruzzia kills.
Some say we should not dehumanize ... But is there any human at all among them? Killing just for fun is the norm, not even hiding. Kids, women, old people, nevermind... Looks like another species, only outwardly similar. Yes, it's a bit confusing. But aliens in the behavior.
Great culture, they say ... Unfortunately, it doesn't work, doesn't affect them as best. Or even justifies. A lot or researches will be written about this one day.
And this war, let's say truth, genocide, is actively or silently supported by the majority of the population. The society focused solely on consumption and destruction but is incapable of creating anything. I never thought I would ever say that, but it must be completely dismantled. Not only through Ukraine, but for the existence of modern civilization as such and the further development of mankind.

Bucha (near Kyiv), Ukraine, 2022

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